Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Cistic Fibrosis Foundation Upcoming Events

There are 2 upcoming events that Team Little Man Domenic will be participating in.  Saturday Sept. 10 is the walk at Shady Brook Farm. I will be riding support while many neighbors friends and relatives will be walking. All the monies that was raised through my riding across country will be put toward this walk. There is still plenty of time to make your online donation using the donate now on the homepage of this blog. I have spoken with several people who have assured me that a donation is forthcoming but i am yet to see it. We are well short of our goal. Lets see if we can all make this happen. If anyone is unwilling or uncomfortable in making the online donation please leave me a comment on the blog. Remember that you must sigh in as anonymous. I can make arrangements for you to pay by check. The second event is a 35 or 62 mile bicycle ride in Malvern Pa. Team Little Man Domenic will be represented by myself and Domenics mother Lorraine. We are opting for the shorter of the 2 rides. Anyone interested in joining us for the October 9th ride is more than welcome.Please leave me a comment as well. Lets all think about making that final push to meet this financial goal.

Lower Bucks, New Jersey and Irene

angry river

It's seems a little strange to get back on the bike again just to go out for a 75 mile fitness ride. Get dressed, fill up water bottles, done the bike and arrive back 5 hours later in the same place at which I started. I wanted to try and capture the wrath of the hurricane over this past weekend but mostly what I came away with were swollen pictures of the Delaware River, flooded roads and tree limbs on the roadways. I could hear generators still humming for the unfortunate who were still without power, keeping food cold and pumping out flooded basements. My normal route was interrupted by high water which was o.k. in that I was forced to alter my sometimes too regular path. I do not as yet have a full work schedule allowing me a little free time to enjoy some cooler than normal summer days. I did by chance happen upon a British Motorcycling Shop that was displaying some of there wares. These pictures should be particularly intriguing  to brother Ted in Merced who owns a vintage B.S.A. motorcycle himself.                                                                            

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Day 47 77 miles West Sacramento to Golden Gate Bridge

what a mug

family supporters
dip in the ocean        Golden Gate Bridge

Lombard Street

C.F.F. crew
MISSION COMPLETE!!!!!!      47 total days,  43 riding days. 3860 miles traveled in route. 150 additional training miles in Merced. The final day of riding included passes through a variety of different farms and orchards. Plums, pears,tomatoes,walnuts and of course more almonds. The trip from the town of Vallejo through the San Francisco Bay involved a ferry ride. I needed to be on the 11:30 a.m. ferry in order to be at the Golden Gate Bridge to meet the Cystic Fibrosis contingency along with Linda, the Schrier's and the Beardsley's. I miscalculated the amount of time needed to arrive at the Vallejo ferry terminal and nearly missed the ferry to San Fran. I did indeed make the ferry but only by 9 minutes. With a great big sigh of relief I took this ferry ride knowing that there was only a short 6 mile ride to the G.G. bridge. As I exited the ferry I donned the C.F.F. cycling jersey and headed west to the completion. Many different emotions were running through my head. A sense of relief to be finishing. A sense of excitement to be seeing Linda. Also a sense of sadness knowing this adventure is coming to an end. Now for all of my faithful followers who have been putting off making their donation until the completion of the ride, NOW IS THE TIME. Thanks again to all who have supported and all who will support this important cause.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Day 46 52 miles Merced Ca. to Merced Ca. Loop

who is the homeless guy with my brother Ted
strawberry fields forever

almond trees

double humper


whats for dinner
Final prep ride prior to the completion of this journey on Friday. Encountered some unusual animals on this little ride.  Need to get a good early start in anticipation of finishing around  1 P.M. at the base of the Golden Gate Bridge. Really looking forward  to getting home and sleeping in my own bed again.  I hope that the media coverage comes through as well.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Day 45 0 miles on Bicycle 175 miles on Motorcycle

Made use of Ted's motorcycle for a very scenic ride out to Yosemite park. I actually wore long pants for the first time since June 28th. This bike was a little different for me after the Harley. The seating position was more upright than before. This bike was extremely comfortable and competent. Enjoy the pics.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Day 44 80 mile loop Merced to Merced

Nice easy training day ride through the surrounding countryside. Mostly flat but warm as well. I forgot to put the memory card back in my camera so no pictures today. Would like to do one more ride from Ted's before the final ride to San Fran on Friday.

Day 43 0 miles Merced Ca. to Merced Ca.



Teds new cruiser

California hacienda

Logan(Tristans Dad) Tristan, Teddy
Hanging out at brother Ted's house in Merced Ca. I can not complete the ride into San Francisco until this Friday when Linda will join me along with the North Ca. chapter of C.F.F. and Teds gang as well. Merced is a small community in the central valley known for there almond growing. Today I helped in the babysitting of my niece Brianna's 2 boys , Tristan and Nolan. Tristan is 27 months while Nolan is 4 months. I mostly spent time with Tristan who operates at one speed (FULL).   In a matter of an hour we played baseball, golf, basketball, we also played on the sliding board, sandbox, and treadmill. Thank goodness when his mother came to pick him up so that I could take a break.  Some other great news. My nephew will be returning to the U.S. amateur golf championship this year after shooting a combined 141, 36 hole score in today's qualifying match in Fresno Ca. Congratulation to Teddy Schrier.

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Day 42 Placerville Ca. to Sacamento Ca. 56 miles

Old Town Sacramento
Fun day of riding. Most of the days route included a bicycle and pedestrian only trail which followed both the Folsom and Sacramento's Rivers through Central California. I was joined half way through by my brother Ted who is steadily improving his stamina and endurance on the bike. We rode the final 34 miles together and enjoyed getting reacquainted along with the the female sights along the trail.

Day 41 Carson City Nv. to Placerville Ca. 115.5 miles

Road to california

cheessey  sign for Califofnia

who wants to play in the snow

made it to the top
Huge day of riding. More hills than I could have even predicted. I am grateful though that The Sierra Nevada's were just one climb up and it was over. Could not have asked for a more perfect day, just a lot of up's. Last full day of cycling before a partial day on Sunday when I meet up with my brother Ted who will join me for the second half of a short days ride into Sacramento.

Friday, August 5, 2011

Day 40 60 miles Fallon Nv. to Carson City Nv.

a small section of bike path

still on rt. 50

rumble stripes, a cyclist nightmare
Short day of cycling in preparation for final climb tomorrow.  Today was a nice change of pace in that there were actual people and places along the route. Not that I go out of my way to engage the locals but it was at least nice to be amongst other humans for a change. The evenings continue to be very cool and the days warm but not too hot. No rain in sight. One guy I spoke to the other night said this area has been in a drought for the last 15 years, and it looks it. If you don't have irrigation, you don't have green.