Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Day 1 Langhorne Pa to Parkersburg West Virginia 525 miles.

 all ready to go
 gray skies
 mileage at the start
Finally got on the road today, a little late due to the rain though. I very early on decided to alter my route due to the weather. I choose to travel southward thru Delaware, Maryland, Virginia and West Virginia hoping to skirt the rain showers predicted for central Pa, and Ohio. Heading south on 95 the skies quickly cleared and i had nothing but sunshine all day. This was a good start to this my forth crossing.

Day 2 Parkersburg West Virginia to Jackson Tennessee 725 mile

#2 is in the books. A very long day of riding to catch up on some lost distance due to a very violent storm thru much of the center of the country. My original plan to ride thru the northern parts of the country are in the crapper. I can deal with a little rain, but the storms that were predicted and happened made me turn even further south to avoid mother nature. It was actually cool to start ,55 degrees, but it quickly warmed up as the day progressed. Oh and by the way Tennessee is one looooong state.
                  cool morning

wait! i thought Ghent was next month
Day #3  Jackson Tennessee to Blackwell Oklahoma. Just about 700 miles of a mix of highway and yes, i actually used many back roads today. I ran into a huge traffic jam early this morning heading out of Memphis Tennessee. Luckily there was an exit just ahead. I weaved my way thru all of the trucks and found myself all alone on some very nice roadways. The weather was dry but it did get warm as is indicated by the picture of my g.p.s. that was taken at 7 p.m. I am a little more than 1/2 way there. Today was a full day of riding in the positive direction, no detours for the weather. Later.
                                           And it is still 7 p.m.
                                          dirty windshield
                                          hotel pool. Anybody up for a dip!