Saturday, July 25, 2015

Day 4 Eastbound Hammond Indaina to Langhorne Pa. 754 miles.

One last long day of riding. Clear warm skies the entire last day. These last 3 states of indiana, Ohio and Pa. were the only 3 states in the entire trip that had any real tolls with Pa. being by far the largest. I had a chance meeting with some folks who were on a road trip from Iowa. They were taking pictures of a tree filled valley in western Pa. They exclaimed that any trees in Iowa would have been cut down to make room for corn fields. I would have not considered that statement so profound.

Day 3 eastbound North Platte Nebraska to Hammond Indiana 754 miles.

These next couple of posts will be mostly from memory as i have been very lazy to post. Partly because i have been mildly busy preparing for the next facet of this summers adventure and on the other hand thoroughly enjoying the adventures.I decided to shorten the return trip by a full day. This of course meant more hours in the saddle, which i did not have a big problem with due to the part of the country that i was headed through. Nebraska, Iowa, and Indiana, primarily flat to rolling countryside with a Lot of corn fields. This trip home is proving to be a mental and physical challenge. I am getting very tired of riding 14 hours per day. One more day...

Monday, July 13, 2015

Day #2 Eastbound West Wendover Nevada to North Platte Nebraska 725 miles

I have heard this part of the country refereed to by many names (big sky, frontier land, corn husker) Mountains , valleys and miles and miles of not much. Corn fields, wheat fields cattle and long ribbons of road dividing it all up. To look at Nebraska and Wyoming on the map , they are exactly what they appear to be big rectangular boxes.

Day #1 Eastbound Merced Ca. to West Wendover Nevada 550 miles.

What a great fun filled and busy week with the west coast Schriers and Beardleys. 3 rounds of golf, 2 trips to the driving range, 2 bicycle rides , one Yosemite hike(brutal but rewarding) an afternoon of swimming and the total destruction of the Phillies by the S.F. Giants and lets not forget one tired brother for doing a great job making the trip so memorable. Yes i am headed back out on the road again only eastbound this time. Lets hope the weather cooperates better on the return trip.

Sunday, July 12, 2015

Day 6 Bishop Ca. to Merced Ca. 250 miles

A perfectly pristine day to finish this outbound leg of coast to coast 2015. There was a rare thunder shower last night so i spent the first hour cleaning and drying off the bike. (it needed it anyway)  Once underway i was treated to some of the most glorious surroundings that California could offer. View the pictures and you will agree. The air was cool and crisp as i entered Yosemite National Park on my way to brother Ted's.

Friday, July 3, 2015

Day#4 Blackwell Oklahoma to Montrose Colorado (too many miles)

If anyone has even the very slightest bit of excitement for the outdoors and its splendor this days ride has to be on your short list of things to do. Leaving Pueblo Co. on Route 50 head west. Words can not begin to do this piece of America justice. By car, motorbike, pedal bike,or motor home , this trip over the continental divide is stunning to say the very least. The elevation at the top is over 11,300 feet. The elevation feature on my G.P.S. switched from feet to miles once i got above 10,000 ft. It read 2.1 miles. The temps dropped more than 25 degrees as well. If anyone ever treks across the country , me sure to use this stretch of route 50.

Day #5 Montrose Colorado to Bishop California 775 miles

This day was certainly not as spectacular as traversing the rocky mountains, but still a tremendous day in the very arid states that are Utah and Nevada. Even though i am trying to stay off the interstates, my planned route led me on to I70 where i saw my first 80 mph posted speed limit. I do at least try to travel at the speed limit ,but even doing 80 i was the slowest person on the road??? The landscapes in these 2 states are very similar, almost lunar. Not much seems to grow here, small dwarf pine trees and scrub grass, except for the farmers who are forced to irrigate. I have been very lucky avoiding any kind of rain. It almost seems that when a storm cloud appears, my route takes leads me away from it. That was not the case this evening when i got caught in a pop up shower, although 15 minutes later the sun was out to dry me off.  Short day tomorrow through Yosemite into Merced.