Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Day 9 Ronse Belgium to Ieper Belgium 68 kilometers

This town is pronounced (EE-per). It is the site of 3 very fierce battles between the Germans and the Allied troops during the 1st world war but more about that in tomorrows blog. We will be spending another off day here to take in the sites. The day began as the last couple of days have with gray and threatening skies along with a heavy and constant head wind. The rain held up but the winds continued almost the entire day. Luckily though the hills flattened out around mid day. The hills and wind made the ride much longer than anticipated.
 church outside of our hotel room
 Ronse city sign
 Belgium breakfast
 countryside views
 sign for southern belgium ( wallonia )

 Are we still in Belgium?
 No motorbikes allowed
more canal crossings

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