Thursday, August 20, 2015

day 4 Maastritch Netherlands to Sint -Truidun 65 kilometers

A beautiful sunny day greeted Mark and I as we lazily made our way out of the college town of Maastritch.  We entered into our 3rd of 4 routes which make up the Route of Flanders. This route travels from east to west along the southern most portion of Flanders. The highlights of this route are the hills, not big hills, not the Rocky mountains, but enough to make us work a little bit. If the weather stays like this  for the rest of the trip there will be no complaints from this end. This is a rainy country. Our luck will run out soon.
 college town
 wide open bike path
 strawberry dispensing machine
 fresh berries
 85% catholic population
 pear trees next to road
 sir markolot

made it

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