Thursday, August 20, 2015

Day 1 Ghent Belgium to Lier Belgium 118 kilometers

Day one is in the books. The weather here in Belgium is very fickle. The day can start out cloudy but quickly turn to sunshine and of course the opposite. This day started out very overcast ,cool, (55) and drizzly. It stayed that way most of the day. We did not get under way until 11 a.m. as there was a lot of last minute preparation to be done. The mileage for the day turned out to be a little more than i had originally planned due to a miss step on my part. We did however make it to our hotel room at about 6:30 in time for a late dinner and well deserved night sleep.
                                                        Mark getting his gear situated
                                                             My bike almost ready to go
                                                                     sites along the way
                                            St. Gertrudes Church in Wetteren Belgium
                   Our pretty little riding partner Seline who joined us for much of day one

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