Thursday, August 20, 2015

Day 2 Leir Belgium to Bree Belgium 121 kilometers

This second day of our 11 day trek around northern Belgium also known as Flanders started out the same way as day one, dreary , very cool and drizzly. This days route led us along a series of canals and waterways and did i mention that the terrain so far has been very , very flat. This is very true of this northern section of Belgium but will quickly change as we move into the southern portion. Another fairly long cycling day, pasta and chicken dinner and of course BEER. So much beer and so little time.
                                                       canal bridge
                                                           house boat living
                                                      which way are we going
                                                           This is the correct way  Flanders Bike Route
                                          Canal cycling at its best
                                             barges rolling down the river
                                            many bicyclists of all ages
                                               monster strong horses
                                                roadside church memorial
                                              limburg county

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